The importance of saying hello....

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The importance of saying hello....

Post  e-sayangan-ak on Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:20 am

HELLO.Its one of the first word that a baby can learn,but why sometimes adult never likely to use it? In our everyday life,never-ending rush to go somewhere or get something,seems we forget the simple gestures. By saying hello,you can connect with other people,whether your friend or not,acquintances or strangers.Practising this simple word makes a very big change. Its not as easy as you think,saying the word hello to everybody is not very good either,some may say you just need attention,KSP nga kunada(kulang sa pansin),but some may appreciate it. Friendliness is also rare nowadays,its so disarming,not very good to look at those cashiers or clerk with a long face eh!so better do your move,say hello to them,and surely you will get a positive reply.If you say "hi".then you can get a "hello",or they will serve you better(ex. on a restaurant,try to be friendly with the staff). As the saying goes "do unto others what you want others do unto you" or the other way around..... So,give your best sweet smile and surely you will get a big sweet smile too....(if not bigger) Smile is also a form of universal health insurance.Smiling has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure,boost immunity,and release natural painkillers(endorphin),each of which lowers stress,boost happiness,and improves health. So maybe ,we can make/change the world a better place by just saying HELLO with a SMILE.... ....hello everybody!...


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