The Earth is Hungry as Love No More for Bread by Corazon Antonio

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The Earth is Hungry as Love No More for Bread by Corazon Antonio

Post  Insomnia on Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:47 am

Are we not aware in our own environment? Are we only thinking for our own good? All things that we see in our environment are made by our Creator. God loves us very much that he created many things for our survival. He gives us intellect for us to use to discover the laws and purpose of creation. He give us freedom to choose what we want and He gave us talents and knowledge for us to be used in harmony with others and for us to share to other people. He give all this things because of his love to us.

But as we observe the earth now, we are already becoming materialistic. We want to destroy the beauty of our environment, many people are cutting trees and the rich are grabbing the properties of the poor so the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. The rich want to be the richest among the rich that they don't share their belongings to the poor even though the poor are suffering because of this. I now ask you, Is there justice here? Is there equality? No, because the rich are abusing the right of the poor and speechless.

We have much other things such as food, money, knowledge, but we don't use it in a proper way. We use this one to let others suffer, we use these to make sins such as putting others down and abusing them. Knowledgeable man already destroying God's creation. Science wants to deny the existence of God because of their inventions and discoveries.

Our world today is hungry for love. We need to love to share properties we have. We need love to show to concern to other people who abused most especially the poor. Many people are hungry of love not hungry of food. They want that they will not be abused, they want that the rich will share their possession because everyone of us in the earth have rights. One is right of property, right to live and the right to be free. LOVE is the greatest medicine to the sick and to those who are with obstacle and the poor. We need love in order to live.

LOVE is a magic but we don't need a magician. If we really want to love, concern will arise in our hearts and the earth will no longer be hungry for LOVE.

Voice of the Mountain
The Official Publication of Saint Paul's Academy
Vol. 4 No. 8 , January - March 2000 Issue
Page 5 of 12



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