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Codes of Conduct

Post  Saint Paul's Academy on Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:04 am

Community Rules and Guidelines

1) No flaming, critizing, or arguing with other members. Keep it friendly here, even though you may not like someone, we dont need it here.

2) Keep swearing to a minimum.

3) Don't argue with others outside the forum. Outside, it doensn't look good for the us when you start arguments with people.

4) Common sense stuff. Don't do things that are obviously wrong, such as cheating, hacking, spamming, etc. There are too many to list, so just don't do things that would obviously be against this code of conduct.

The Following applies to either Guests,Members, Moderators and ADMIN Themselves:

* Ensure a friendly atmosphere to our members
* Ensure the privacy of our members
* Comply with existing laws
* Encourage responsible use of our forums and discourage activities which disrupt our community and reduce the value of our services to our visitors
* Encourage the freedom of expression and exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner


* Excessive off-topic threads
* Posting pointless stuff
* Flooding the forum
* Post-Count farming
* Inciting a forum war
* Outwar-style links
* Blatant advertising
* Messages without content
* Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)


* We do not allow any attacks to anyone on the staff (moderators, site admins....) or members.

Porn/Sexually Offensive Materials

* You MUST NOT post any pornographic image in the forums

Doing so will result in the following:
* 7 day ban first time and deletion of post(s)

If you have been found to have done it again then:
* Full ban blocking of IP Address and deletion of post(s)


* Signatures & avatars must comply with the ToS.
We are strictly Implementing 2 Signatures at the same time with the size of 500 Pixels by 200 Pixels each. Failure to abide will mean Signature Removal.

Moderation & Bans

* You may not evade a ban. Doing so will drastically lengthen your ban.
* You may not publicly complain about or demand a reason for another user's ban, the deletion of a message, or the deletion/closure of a thread. Any discussion about warnings, bans, message deletion, thread deletion and thread closure should be done over private email between the person concerned and the moderators
* You may not re-edit a message that has been edited by a moderator


* Do not post negative posts and discussions that are repeated over and over with no other purpose than to disrupt conversation. If you feel the need to say something, say it once and then move on. Do not disrupt multiple threads in order to get your view out.
* You may not bait/troll users. Bait / Trolling is defined as posting with a clear intent to provoke anger, incendiary posts, and behavior that results in other users violating the CoC.
* You may not bait, insult, flame, or otherwise abuse a moderator
* You may not abuse your ability to post in HTML in HTML-enabled forums
* You may not post graphically-disturbing images as inline images (such that the images are displayed when users view your post).
* You may not register multiple accounts with intent to violate any part of this CoC.
* CoC Stands for Code of Conduct.

Some Images,Videos and Musics are Under Copyright Protection. Violators Shall be Penalized accordingly. Your Location and Ignorance of the Law is not an excuse.

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